Saturday, November 16, 2019

What are the steps to fix Bitdefender Error 501?

Bitdefender sometimes stops scanning and protection against viruses and malware because of an error code 501. Bitdefender antivirus is specifically designed to protect your device from ransomware, Trojans and online threats. It comes with some amazing features that help to safeguard your device. Apart from its performance and features, it gets you stuck when comes with an error code 501. This error code will stop this antivirus to work on your device. In this guide, you will learn some effective steps to fix Bitdefender Error 501.

Let’s start with the resolution of Bitdefender Error 501:

In case if you have got any antivirus put in with the Bitdefender Antivirus. Then Bitdefender Error 501 appears on your Device. To get the Error code 501 fixed, you will have to uninstall the reminder of the package. Follow the below given simple steps:
• On your device, attend the instrument panel
• Click on Uninstall option and then Uninstall existing antivirus Program
• A list of all the application can seem on the display screen
• Navigate to the existing security application and right-click thereon.
• Select to Uninstall from the on the market choices
Restart the device and then start the Bitdefender to check whether or not the 501 error is resolved Re-install and Uninstall the Bitdefender Antivirus- Login or else, if you are still facing this error on your device then uninstall the Bitdefender antivirus and install it to repair Error Code 501.
• Start following the higher than given few methods to uninstall the Bitdefender antivirus
• When you have got deleted the Bitdefender then follow these steps to get it installed
• Start an internet browser of your visit
• You will be redirected to the Bitdefender Central login page
• Here enter your sign-on credential like username and watchword within the given blank
• In your Bitdefender Central account then rummage around for the Bitdefender application that you just want to keep in
• Click on the transfer option to start downloading the setup files
• Moreover, install these files by just double-clicking on the files
• Follow the direction of the installer and then finish the step
If the error persists then, you will need to get connected with the technical experts by just calling at Bitdefender Support UK. The teams are available 24x7 to help you in any manner they can. The teams will provide you remote assistance. You can also connect the technical expert via Live Chat or Emails. You will get 100% assistance in a very short time.
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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

How does Bitdefender Antivirus protect Emails?

Bitdefender antivirus is the best security software for providing comprehensive protection to your device. It comes with amazing features that make it capable to fight against viruses, malware, spam, and threats. Your computer can get infected through any source whether it is browser, downloaded files and mainly from emails. But don’t worry, if you have Bitdefender antivirus then, it will provide full-time protection you against Email threats and virus. In this guide, we will focus on the feature through which Bitdefender Antivirus protects Emails and keep your device completely protected.

It comes with Real-Time protection:

It is effective in providing continuous and real-time protection from a vast range of malware threats by scanning all the files as well as e-mail messages. The default real-time protection settings assure complete protection against all types of malware, with minor impact on system performance. 
Bitdefender will scan a word document for known threats when you open it as well as e-mail message when you receive any. You can configure real-time protection according to your choice from the module:

·         Open the main interface of Bitdefender
·         Then, click on the Protection icon
·         Click on View Modules and then click on the Settings icon that appears in the lower-right corner of the antivirus module
·         Now, select Show Advanced Settings and here you will get some options that are:

Scan network shares:By default, both network shares and local folders are subject to on-access scanning. For better system performance, you can reject network locations from on-access scanning

Scan only applications: You can set Bitdefender to scan all accessed files or applications only
Scan e-mails:To prevent malware from being downloaded to your computer, Bitdefender automatically scans incoming and outgoing e-mails

Scan inside archives:Scanning inside archives is a slow and resource-intensive process that is why not suggested for real-time protection. If you choose on using this option, turn it on and then drag the slider beside the scale to set a maximum accepted size limit of archives to be scanned on-access.

Scan boot sectors:You can easily set Bitdefender to scan the boot sectors of your hard disk

Scan only latest and modified files: By scanning the latest and modified files, you might excellently enhance overall system receptiveness with a minimum trade-off in security.

Early boot scan: Select this option to scan your device when it starts as soon as all big services are loaded

Scan for Keyloggers: Select this option to get the system keylogger applications scanned.

Action after the completion of scanning:Choose what occurs after a scan and you have three options: Move files to quarantine, Take proper actions and Deny access

If you suspect that you have received any emails that are infected then, you can easily get it cleaned by using Bitdefender. When it finds infected items inside the email archives, it basically cannot clean them because there is a fact that the emails cannot be repacked. In that case, it is advisable to manually delete the e-mails that are detected details and information on the e-mail that contains an infected attachment.

To delete the infected emails you need to:

·         Open your email client and then use the scan report that is created by Bitdefender to locater the infected email or open Notifications
·         Select the notification corresponding to the infected e-mail and then, click on it to extend it
·         Remove all infected emails from the current location and make sure that you empty the Deleted Trash/Items folder of email client

When you have completed then all the errors which you have previously detected should be resolved. But, in case you need further help then you can contact Bitdefender Support UK for complete assistance from the technical teams. The team will help you to resolve the issue in the shortest time frame.

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