Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What should I do to fix Bitdefender Error Code 1004?

Bitdefender is the top-most antivirus software that provides complete protection to the devices. It is the first choice of every business and personal computer and desktop to keep personal data, information and files safe and secure. Along with its outstanding features, it sometimes gets you stuck with some technical issues. One of the common errors of this antivirus software is Error Code 1004. This error code stops working on your device and puts your device under danger. If you want to troubleshoot this risky error and make your software works effectively in your favour then read this post. Even if you are not from the technical field, this post will help you in fixing this error.

Let’s talk about the reason and procedure to get rid of Bitdefender Error code 1004:


·         It may occur when the Bitdefender Security Tools is not configured properly to converse with the internet via a proxy

·         Pirated installation of software from an unofficial website and can freeze any running program in the Bitdefender

·         Presence of the existing version of the Bitdefender files

·         Registry files and data of Bitdefender gets corrupted

·         Fail to update the Bitdefender program for a prolonged time

Fixing method:

·         First of all, make sure that you have correctly settled up the proxy settings in the security program panel that make the program to relate with the network

·         Due to previous malware infection, check the DNS that it is correct or not. For that,

·         Press Win + R key simultaneously to run dialog box

·         Then, enter ncpa.cpl in the blank field and then press enter

·         After that, double-click on the TCP/IP in the settings and now change al IP address

·         After doing this, reboot your system and now the error should not appear. But if it still persists then go to the next step.

Manually resolve this issue:

·         Firstly, press Windows + R Key together on the keyboard to open a run dialog box

·         Now, type Control Panel in the empty box and then press enter key. You can also open it from the Start menu and then click on Control panel to get it opened.

·         Then, click on Add/remove the option from the control panel and then find the security program to get it removed

·         After finding it, right-click on it and then select uninstall option

·         After getting the program uninstalled, remove all the temporary files and cookies

In the end, restart your computer and then re-install the security program in your system. If you are not able to reinstall it then call Bitdefender Help UK for instant help. After that, set Proxy settings.
Through these simple steps, you can easily overcome with this error code. It is advisable to read this post very carefully and attempt these steps very carefully to avoid any glitch. Make sure, that you are using strong stable internet connection.

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