Tuesday, August 27, 2019

How to get rid of Bitdefender Error code 1004?

Bitdefender antivirus is the best security software that fully protects Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android devices against ransomware, privacy invasion. It also fights with all other threats with a single account. This antivirus also offers a tool that is more specific for families with children. It comes with outstanding features that protect the private life of a user. It is also efficient in protecting Mac operating users from both unknown and new online threats. The Bitdefender consists of complete antivirus products that keep the data safe and secure. The internet security tools help to fight all digital threats from worms, viruses and Trojan, ransomware, rootkits, and spyware. Sometimes, you may get stuck with the Bitdefender Errors codes and installation issues. One of them is Error Code 1004.
Let’s have a look at the procedure of getting rid of Bitdefender Error Code 1004. Well, it is straightforward to overcome this error with some different methods.
For that, follow these steps very carefully:
Due to previous malware infection, check the DNS if it is corrected or not. For checking it-
• Press the Windows and R key simultaneously on the keyboard and then run a dialog box will open
• After that, enter ncpa.cpl in the text field and press enter
• Then, double-click on the TCP/IP in the settings and after that modify all IP address. If that is not able to do so then, click on ‘Automatically detect IP Address.’
• Make sure that you have correctly settled up the proxy settings in the security program panel. This setting makes the program to interrelate with the internet correctly.
• First, press Windows key and R key on the keyboard simultaneously. That will open a run dialog box.
• Then, type Control Panel in the required field and then press the Enter key. Also, you can get it opened from the Start menu and then click on Control Panel to open it.
• After that, click on Add/remove the option from the control panel 
• Then, search the Bitdefender security software program to get it removed
• After getting it, right-click on it and then, select uninstall option
• Once you uninstalled the program, remove all the temporary files and cookies
• In the end, restart your system and then install the security software again in your system and then set the proxy settings
These are a few methods through which you can quickly resolve this error code. It is advisable to follow these steps very carefully to avoid any glitches. In case, if you are getting any trouble while attempting any of the steps then get connected with the technical experts at Bitdefender Contact Team UK. The teams are available 24x7 to help you with your issues.
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