Thursday, August 8, 2019

Steps to install Bitdefender business client on a windows 8 machine

Before getting into the stepwise procedure of installing Bitdefender business client we should first understand what is Bitdefender business client all about. This is a system security solution designed by Bitdefender with a motive of providing security to all the systems that are working at a business organization.

Bitdefender is a well-known brand that works towards the security of the systems and devices running around the globe. This particular software has a lot of advanced and updated versions working in the market. It is often seen that the users do get confused with the basic procedures associated with this software. In order to resolve the user should connect with the experts at Bitdefender Contact Number UK.

The Bitdefender Business client often gets the user into trouble whenever it comes to installing on windows 8. It happens because not many users know that before starting with the installation procedure on windows 8 one needs to activate the administrative shares. For activating the administrative shares the user should follow the given steps-

   First of all, get the windows firewall disabled.

   Further, get the user account control disabled

   Then open the control panel further switch the view to “small icons” and then click the “folder options”

   Then in the window that opens click “view tab”

   Further change the settings at the bottom of the list uncheck “use sharing wizard”

   Open the registry editor for that on the keyboard press win+R there make the needed changes and then click “ok.”

As soon as a new registration key will be added the administrative shares will be added on windows 8. Once the administrative shares are added you can then easily conduct the installation of the software on the system.

If you are stuck with the installation steps or if you do not know the installation procedure at all and you need help with the process of installing the software then for that you can connect with the team of trained and certified technicians at Bitdefender Support Number UK.

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